Full members of CAMGA will be an MGA who holds a Delegated Underwriting Authority that allows them to rate and bind Insurance coverage on behalf of an Insurer and is NOT a Retail Broker, with a binding contract.

The Full Member must be currently registered in their chosen Province or Territory of Operation and hold a current binding authority with at least one Insurer.

A Full Member must complete and have accepted their application by CAMGA and they must agree to abide by the goals and objectives of the Forum.

CAMGA Members will be given badges to apply to their websites and stationary denoting their membership of the Forum.

MEMBERSHIP FEES ARE CAD$250 per Corporate body, plus $100 per Underwriter

Associate Members

Any Insurer or Governing Corporation or Intermediary who is currently Licensed to operate in the Canadian Marketplace, and is supportive of MGA’s in Canada is eligible for Associate Membership.

To be accepted as an Associate Member the applicant must receive the majority vote of the Board of Directors of CAMGA.

Associate Member fees:

– Insurers – $5,000

– International Brokers – $5,000

– National Canadian Brokers – $3,000

– Canadian Regulators and Governing Bodies – $500

Business Services Membership

Any Entity that provides service to MGA’s in Canada and who is not an Insurer as described is eligible for Business Services membership

To be accepted as a Business Services Member the applicant must receive the majority vote of the Board of Directors of CAMGA


Business Services Member fees: $3,500


Our core values

Membership of CAMGA will be selective and focused upon MGA’s who derive their revenue from purely Underwriting of business on behalf of their supporting Insurers, and whose primary function and focus is the provision of underwriting services and whose primary fiduciary duty is to its Insurer principal and that their income is solely derived from this activity.

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